About WojakFi

WojakFi is for degens only. Part DeFi boundary pusher, part comedy experiment

This is the latest addition/intallment to the CyberWojakz universe - full NFT collection launching as soon as crypto Winter gives way to Up Only spring.

As hardened veterans of the DeFi scene, we come from the depths of the BSC (the Graceland of shitcoins) and while we have been rugged too many times to count we wear these battle scars with pride. As druggies recall bad trips with a wry smile, we wear each rug as a badge of honour (Yes, we also now have LUNA tattooed across our arm along with SALTSWAP on each butt cheek and I <3 SOULJABOY emblazoned across our heart).

We look at DeFi as we do smoking & drinking – it’s bad for you but you still do it! So we thought, let’s create something that makes this masochistic hobby more enjoyable, something that succeeds in wrenching a smile across your mouth even though your vision is blurred with the sublime sting of salty of tears. Let’s create a satirical experience that reflects both the meme and the space we both love and hate.

This project is an offshoot of our secret NFT project that we have been working on but the onset of NFT winter dictates migration to the warmer climbs of DeFi.

By the way we're not plebs - we like to have fun with DeFi, but we're also a team of seasoned team of tokenomosists and developers, pushing the boundary of DeFi with a curiosity for social commentary.

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